Simon Nelke – Info

Dimensions of the hidden and the visible permeate all of the creations of the young painter Simon Nelke, whose works are quite distinctive. Breaking ground can be interpreted literally in this case – previous layers which he uncovers by partially stripping off glue and paint are often unveiled in his works. But the artist does not only stand out by reason of his unique technique and the special colour pallet he uses, but above all because of his very expressive motifs.

His usually human protagonists captivate the observer – sometimes seeming to be striking, sometimes enigmatic.
“Space, time, mind and the observer are necessary in order to develop a work.” Simon Nelke

Bringing what lies below the surface into the light, unearthing it layer by layer. Focusing the limelight on the shadows of the visible and making what is hidden the motif. That is the kind of artistic creation that drives the Hamburg painter Simon Nelke.

Since he started his studies, Nelke has devoted his attention to human figures with conspicuous perseverance. He transforms them into mystical protagonists in his works, which adhere to the principle of placement and erasure. His special technique consists in building up layer upon layer and partially stripping the oil paint off, thus making previous layers of the picture visible once again. The spectrum of Nelke’s pallet is extensive; his selection of colours is unmistakeable. He frequently achieves an exotic or softly harmonious pictorial effect by using shaded hues of violet, blue, green and rose, which often reinforce the magical effect of his pictures.

All of Nelke’s works reveal a creative self-assurance that expresses itself through symbolical positing. Dreamy as well as sometimes mysterious motifs are derived from the Occident and the Orient or from the world of indigenous peoples, exemplifying the dimension of the hidden, which plays a crucial role in the oeuvre of the young artist.